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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PSP homebrew - DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 450


Great news guys, the DaedalusX64 team has once again revised their ever-popular Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP, DaedalusX64. Notable features of the latest DaedalusX64 update includes another round of fixes, code cleanups and various other improvements.


Revision 450:

  • [*] Removed empty folders left from previous commit
  • [!] better description for our Advanced Options
  • [~] Added Europe version of Paper Mario and also enabled hack for Pilot Wings 64 in roms.ini

Revision 449:

This is a huge commit and likely to have a few regressions.

  • [-] Removed all non-PSP platform related code
  • [~] Quieted some compiler warnings
  • [-] Removed some uneeded/uncalled functions
  • [-] Removed some un-needed checks in the CPU emulation (Small speed-up)
  • [-] Improved a cache routine (Small speed up, slightly less choppy sound)
  • [!] Chenged how VI are handled a bit (removes unneeded excess VI CPU Events)

Thanks m3rox for the tip!

Download: DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 450

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PSP homebrew - FuSa GamePad v0.3


Homebrew coder Andy_maN, together with the FuSa TeaM, has released a new version of FuSa GamePad, a handy homebrew app that will turn your beloved PSP into a nifty gamepad for your PC and PS3. The latest update of the brew now allows you to adjust the buttons according to your taste.

Developer's note (from ReadMe):

This version allows yo to map buttons your own way. Open CONFIG.INI with any text editor software.

Available buttons names are:

How to install:

Just put FusaGamePad folder into :/PSP/GAME folder. If you are using PHAT psp you should put it into :/PSP/GAMEXXX folder (where XXX means your FW version - f.e. GAME380 for CFW 3.80)

For more info about the release, please check the README provided in the download.

Download: FuSa GamePad v0.3

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GOD EATER Eats Up Over 1 Million Demo Downloads

PSP game GOD EATER looks to be Namco Bandai's take on the monstrously successful franchise Monster Hunter from Capcom. It also looks like it could be a hit for Namco Bandai.

Besides custom clothing, GOD EATER allows players to customize their bullets with a "Bullet Edit" feature that allows for five different "Modules" with settings like Type, Elemental, Distance, Path, etc.

The GOD EATER demo has been available on the Japanese PlayStation Store since November 19, 2009. As of January 3, it has been downloaded over a million times. The game will be released in Japan this February.

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PSP homebrew - PSPALARM! v3.0 Ultra-2


The latest update of this cool alarm clock for the PSP now includes a new alarm music, new images, lot's of additional features, more fixes and various other improvements.


  • New system plugin
  • Fixed 5.03 GEN-C
  • New alarm music (Name:alarm.mp3)
  • New PIC1 & ICON0
  • New images
  • Sleep mod fixed
  • Kernel fixed
  • Fixed
  • Works on 5.50 GEN-X,5.03 GEN-X,CFWEnabler,5.00 M33-X,ChickHEN & MHUSpeed
  • Works on 3000-2000-1000 psp
  • Sleep Mode Alarm with support for custom MP3 Audio file.
  • Alarm can be set up to 23 hours 59 minutes in future, Check for (Invalid - Readjust message).
  • Power Off Mode Alarm that plays sound in XMB. (Plugin Required - Seperate Package)
  • Alarm Accurate to the Second.
  • Uses 12 Hour Time system (AM/PM), no more Confusing time conversions
  • Display's Hour's and Minutes remaining as the Alarm time is being set; updated in real time.

Download: PSPALARM! v3.0 Ultra-2

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