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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SGDEEMER: Game Region Converter

How to install the plugin SaveGame deemer

Download the Savegame deemer plugin. When the download ends, you will have an archive. Estract the content of the archive to a position of your pc. You will find the following things:
  1. Seplugin (folder);
  2. Readme (text file that says the same things I will, but in a little bit incomprehensible form ; )
Maybe you will find another text file that explains differences between the versions of the plugin.

First path:
For those who have already installed other plugins in their own PlayStation Portable.
If you don't know, follow these steps to check.
  1. Connect the psp to the computer;
  2. Go to My Computer;
  3. Go to psp's memory card;
If you see a folder called "seplugin", open it. (If not, you MUST follow the Second path!!)
If there is a text file called "game(.txt)", it means that you have already some installed plugins, so...

Go back to the extracted files from the archive and open the seplugin folder, you will find:
  • Deemer.prx
  • A text file named "game" like the one into the memory card
  1. Copy ONLY deemer.prx into seplugin folder of your psp memory card;
  2. Open game(.txt), the extracted one, copy the inside line and paste it into game (.txt), the one that is in the memory card.
Jump to the Last path to activate the save game deemer plugin.

Second path:
For those who have no installed plugin in their psp.
  1. Connect the psp;
  2. Copy the extracted seplugin folder into the memory card;
  3. Rename "" to "game.txt";
Last path:
How to enable the plugin.
  1. Disconnect the psp;
  2. Start your psp in recovery mode (often by hold [R] during the start up);
  3. Press [X] on plugin;
  4. Press [X] on deemer that will become enabled.
Finally you can use our patches to add some trick and cheat to the save file.

How to USE the plugin SaveGame deemer

With this tutorial you can know a method to transfer your game status of a game from a region to another one, for example from Monster Hunter 2G (JAP) to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (EUR or US), and make a valid savegame for the new region.

Region converter
Actually, we don't know a way to convert save data from a region to another one (and probably there isn't). But if you have deemer installed you can use this simple trick. If not read How to install savegame deemer

First of all, you need both games of both regions.
Start the game of the region you want to convert from, load your save game and save it. When you save, the plugin deemer creates the file sddata.bin under /psp/saveplain/"game-folder".
Now, start the second game, the one you want to convert to, start a new game and save when you can. The deemer creates another sddata.bin into a new folder, but now in the new game region code. All you have to do is only to copy the sddata.bin from the first folder to second one and overwrite.
Start again the second game, load the save date and you'll see the first one situation. Finally, save again and you'll obtain a new savegame, updated and converted, to the new region. It is located into /psp/savedata.

Summarizing in steps
  1. First of all you need savegame deemer plugin
  2. Get both region1 and region2 of the same game
  3. Load the save data with region1 game
  4. Save it(deemer will create sddata.bin)
  5. Quit
  6. Start the region2 game and begin a new game (if you already have a save data of this region, skip to to step 9)
  7. Save it as soon as possible(deemer will create a sddata.bin)
  8. Quit
  9. Go to into memory stick and move the sddata.bin from the region1 folder to the region2 folder and overwrite
  10. Start again the region2 game and load the savedata
  11. Save it again, in order to obtain the new region save with the updated status
That's all! Perhaps, there could be trouble if deemer saves wrong folder names. Check the folder names, they have to match with the original one, otherwise your psp can't load correctly the sddata.bin.


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