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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bookr-MOD (PSP Application)

Bookr-Mod - An Enhanced PDF/DJVU/TXT Reader on PSP
Main Site

A modified version of bookr based on the latest source code on

Bookr-Mod 2009-07-01
* More CFWs supported and bugs fixed
* Support for CFW 5.50 and PSP3000 with HEN
* Some small bugs have been fixed.

Bookr-Mod 2009-06-23
* Support much more PDFs (with large images, JPEG2000, JBIG2, AES-encrpted, etc.)
* Support PDF Outlines
* Unicode support in PDF, PDF Outlines and file chooser.
* Some new options to control scroll speed of d-pad and analog stick.
* A simple thumbnail to indicate current position in page.
* Zoom in to specified width and position.
* Bug fixes.

create a new folder named bookr in ms0:/PSP/GAME or ms0:/PSP/GAMExxx, and then put both EBOOT.PBP and data.fnt in it.


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