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Thursday, July 23, 2009

PSP Hide Files 2.0 (PSP Application)

Homebrew developer F Metal Alchemist has just released the english version of his homebrew app that hides your psp’s files. You can choose to hide different sections of your psp like the music, video, or picture section and it’s all straight from your xmb.

Here are the controls:
X: hides the Photo folder (Only hiding the images that are in ms0: PSP PHOTO).
O: displays the Photo folder.
Square: Hides folder ISO.
Triangle: displays folder ISO.
L: hides folder MUSIC (only hides the music that is in ms0: MUSIC).
R: displays folder MUSIC.
D-Pad Right: hides folder GAME150 (Useful to hide under homebrew kernel 1.50)
D-Pad Left: shows GAME150 folder.
D-Pad Up: hides VIDEO folder (the folder Hides ms0: VIDEO).
D-Pad Down: displays folder VIDEO

Download: Hide Files 2.0


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