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Thursday, July 23, 2009

PMPlayer Advance (PSP Application)


Do you have videos in your PSP that you don't want others to see?(porn for example lol!). Then you'll surely love this app.

Download PMPlayer Advance (Works on 5.00 M33 and 5.02 GEN-A):
PMPlayer Advance


1. Put PMPlayer on ms0:/PSP/GAME folder.
2. Make sure that the video's codec is supported by the PMPlayer.
(Tip: convert your video to any codec supported by PMPlayer but not by PSP by itself so that others can't open it in your Video Menu) THIS might be useful

Here's the list of codec:
- Mpeg4 video(xvid etc)
- Mpeg4 (h264)
- AVC (h264) supported. (HW accel only)
- MKV (h264)

3. Put your Videos on ms0:/PSP/VIDEO folder.


1. Run PMPlayer Advance

2. Select a video you want to watch

3. Then Watch!


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