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Saturday, July 4, 2009

BitTorrent Tutorial

What is BitTorrent

BitTorrent is the global standard for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. With an installed base of over 160 million clients worldwide, BitTorrent technology has turned conventional distribution economics on its head. The more popular a large video, audio or software file, the faster and cheaper it can be transferred with BitTorrent. The result is a better digital entertainment experience for everyone.

So if you want to download Movies, Anime, MP3s, games and basically almost anything that can be downloaded, this is for you.


Here's some basic terminology you'll want to get firmiliar with:
Torrent - The file which tells your client what to download. Essentially it's the key to your download and your client is the door.
Tracker - A server on the Internet that acts to coordinate the action of BitTorrent clients.
Client - This can also be referred to as your program. It is the service you use to download your programs. (i.e. ĀµTorrent, Azureus, etc.)
Peer - Another computer connected to the peer to peer (p2p) network to share information.
Peer to Peer (p2p) - A term used to describe file sharing from computer to computer rather than downloading from a file server.
Direct Download - A download from a file server to a computer.
Seeders - Those who let others download files from them, essentially sharing their bandwith and file with a group of peers.
Leechers - Those who download the files. Sometimes Leechers download a torrent file and close the BitTorrent client right afterwards; this is very rude and very frowned upon by all involved in the BitTorrent community.
Reseeding - This is a phenomena that occurs when no one is seeding a specific torrent. Reseeding is the act of putting a file back onto the torrent client for others to download upon request (Usually the requester will seed the file for a lengthened period of time as gratitude for the reseeding.)
[Batch] - This is a term you usually see at the end of a torrent filename. This is used to describe a torrent that allows you to download multiple files into the same folder (i.e. ADC_One_Piece_220_230_[Batch].torrent) Usually if you only want one specific file from the batch and cannot find an individual torrent for it then your client will allow you to pick that specific file from the [Batch] torrent.

Why Use BitTorrent:

There are many different reasons why fansubbing groups such as ADC, KF, Dattebayo, and Gerusama use BitTorrent as their preferred method of distributing their releases,
here are a few:
It's Cheaper - Using BitTorrent frees up Bandwith for the Fansubbers' Websites by reallocating it between seeders and leechers.
Files become available longer - As long as people are seeding the files on a BitTorrent client then the download is still available.
It's actually faster* - Because bandwith is switched from one server to many different peers dealing directly with one another more bandwith becomes available and leechers do not consume all the filer server's bandwith.
I'm sure there are more reasons, but this is all I can think of at the moment.

The Process:
Download. Setup. Download Torrent. Open Torrent. Wait. Play. Be Happy.
Download the BitTorrent Program. For a list of recommended programs please scroll down.
Once you download the BitTorrent Program, or CLIENT, set it up as you would any other program. Note: you may need to configure ports or contact a network administrator or check the respective Program's website's FAQ's for tips/troubleshooting issues. I know there are also threads on here dedicated to BitTorrent Troubeshooting, but this specific thread is dedicated to helping you understand/setup BitTorrent.

Go to the respective fansubbing sites(or other torrent sites), and download the torrent. Once you have dowloaded the torrent open it up and your BitTorrent program should automatically open up. You can also chose to open your program first then search or the newly downloaded torrent.

If downloading a [BATCH] torrent File: If you've downloaded a [Batch] torrent file then repeat the same steps as a regular torrent file to start downloading. THE KEY DIFFERENCE is in selecting which files within the batch you wish to select. In most BitTorrent client's once you open up the [Batch] torrent file you'll get to select which files from the batch and you download what you want. [Batch] files usually have their own folder where individual files have no folder. The folder with the episode pack (with only the episodes you want) show up on the desktop or wherever you designate your files to be downloaded to.

BitTorrent Etiquette:

It is very important to understand the proper Etiquette for downloading and using any torrent related files.

This is essential to keeping BitTorrents available at a regular and consistent rate. People are being courteous when they allow you their bandwith and files when you leech, please return the favor to others.
As a general rules I recommend everyone seed for as long as they have leeched.

Honestly I can't emphasize this enough. If a file needs to be reseeded and you are the requester, chances are other people might want the Torrent as well. Please keep the file open until you see a reasonable amount of seeders available again. Again, seeding is the Backbone of the BitTorrent community.

Seed. Seed. Seed. Seed.

BitTorrent Clients:

The Following is a list of clients and their respective websites. There are many, these are just a few of the popular ones.

ĀµTorrent available at
BitComet available at
Azureus available at
BitTorrent (Official Client) available at
BitTornado available at
TorrentFlux available at
Torrent Swapper available at
Burst! available at
cTorrent available at
G3 Torrent available at

List of Websites:

The Following are some of the websites where you can download torrents. - Here is where you can download Naruto and Bleach anime. - You can DL unlicensed anime here.


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