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Saturday, July 4, 2009

RemoteJoyLite (PSP Plug-in)

What is RemoteJoyLite?

Remote Joy Lite is a homebrew application that has the capability for you to enjoy your PSP on a larger PC screen via USB Cable.

You can also take screenshots and record video of your games.

Warning: This will not work on a official firmware PSP


1. First off, extract all the files to the desktop of someplace where you easily can access them. (Desktop)

2. For existing seplugins user only (non RemoteJoy Plugins)
If you have other seplugins Just copy these line: ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx
to these .txt files.


Like this:


If this is your first plugin/only plugin then just keep on reading.
Create the folder "seplugins" (Without the quotes) to the root of your memstick.
Create the txt files game150.txt, game.txt, pops.txt, vsh.txt manually. Then paste the line: ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx on each of them

3. Now place the: RemoteJoyLite.prx in the seplugins folder on your memstick.

4. Turn the PSP off completly, not sleepmode.
Start the PSP while holding R trigger.
You are now in the recovery menu.

5. Go to Plugins and choose "Remotejoylite.prx" and press X.
Press back and then exit.

6. Download the PSP Type B installer HERE then run it.
Just keep clicking Yes and i agree until it install the PSP Type B.
(Unless you already have installed the PSP type B earlier.)

7. When its done, you should have a "New hardware found" i front of you. Dont let it connect to Windows update. Choose No.

Now choose that you will choose were to install the drivers, not from a CD.
It will ask you to include search areas.
Click "Dont search. I choose which driver to be installed."
Now choose PSP type B.
It will install all the nessecary files.

8. Now start the remotejoy.exe on your computer and connect a USB cable.

ALT ENTER: full-screen / Restore
ESC: Settings.
F1: FPS, color mode of display.
F3: Transfer Images ON / OFF switch
F4: window display ON / OFF
F9: Record of macro-type start / end
F11: Capture image
F12: Capture Video


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