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Monday, July 6, 2009

gpSP mod 5.03 HEN support (PSP Application)

What is gpSP?

gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator it emulates and play gba roms (gameboy advance games) at full speed! it is a very handy emulator.

The latest release from the anonymous coder who's been modding the original gpSP emulator has
released the latest version. It now supports the 5.03 ChickHEN exploit from Team Typhoon.


1. Download gpSP_mod

2. Extract the files then drag the gpSP_mod folder to your PSP GAME folder

3. Now download a rom from the net(just search gba rom) and put it in the rom folder inside the gpSP_mod folder

4. You can now access gpSP from your game section.

5. You will be at a main screen click X to go to the settings and make the display to 16:9 (fullscreen) then click back and go to load new game and just click start or O to play your desired game (first screen) (NOTE: game must be in .gba format to play)

6. Go play GBA on your PSP!


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