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Friday, July 17, 2009

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.60 for 5.03 ChickHEN

What is MHU2D?
- It's the official support website for Custom Firmware Enabler among other. Very interesting things will be publishing shortly.
All questions concerning this program will be answered in MHU2D.Net Forum, new versions will be published there too.
Stay tuned for new news, because there are some very interesting developments to emerge.
What is Custom Firmware Enabler?
- A program that activates the functions of the custom firmware using ChickHEN.

What do I need?
- A PSP (Model 2000 or 3000)
Download OFW 5.03
Download 5.03 ChickHEN R2
Download Custom Firmware Enabler 3.60

3.60 Changes:
- Now with Free UMD Region option.
- French Language support.
- Fixed a bug with the update network.
- Improved the patching system version.
- Verifying SHA1 of files to be installed.
- Improved system flash of custom firmware.
- Improved program internally.
- Improved system flash Pops.
- The Eboot.pbp occupies less.

- Copy the folder to your psp CFWEnabler in X:\PSP\GAME\

How to uninstall previous version or CFW 5.03 GEN-A:
- Shutdown PSP then turn it on run 5.03 ChickHEN again then
run Custom Firmware Enabler (v3.10 or above) and Hold Rtrigger then choose uninstall.

How to use:
Start ChickHEN from the picture section. Then start the homebrew called "CFEnabler".
Then Follow the instructions that follows.

- Can load ISO's? - Yes, yes, you can.
- Will it work with PSP's with TA-088v3 and PSP3000? - Yes
- Can it brick my console? - This version has several checks to verify that everything is installed, it is 99.99% safe
- When you turn off the console I have to repeat the procedure? - Yes, you have to repeat it, but after the first time, you don't need flash anything.
- And you can not prevent either procedure? - Could be avoided if we could do an IPL compatible.
- Is expected to be in the future rectify the current problems? - It is possible, but is not guaranteed anything.
- Does the M33 SDK? - Yes, it works.
- Will plugins work? - Yes, they work.
- Can I install LEDA? - Yes, it works perfectly.

Common Errors:
- When you start the program it automatically goes to the menu --
It has not been able to reallocate the flash, make sure your version is correct ChickEN.
- I can't run ISO's --
Make sure that your configuration is correct.
- It created a folder called SVCPlayer Why? --
You have a plugin that creates the so-called "capture" nothing to do with CFWEnabler.
- Other errors --
It is important to check the plugins that are loaded. Some plugins may cause problems.
Also, check the version of ChickHEN (R2) (R2 is required)

Change MAC Address:
- just create a spoofmac.txt in the root of the memory stick (ms0:\)
then just type any word you like.

Flashing Pops:

Flashing Pops Mpdules is no longer necessary to run the 5.00 pops.
I leave here for a manual reinstall of the original 5.03
(The option to install flash pops remain active, if you want to install another version)

- Required --
- A PSP that enables homebrew loading.
- Any Sony Firmware Update.

- Download latest PsarDumper

1. Copy PsarDumper folder to PSP\GAME.
2. Cpy the Firmware to the root of the PSP under the name "EBOOT.PBP"
3. Run PsarDumper.
4. Click X then wait
5. When Done, enter USB Mode and go to F0 folder.
6. Look for pops.prx & popsman.prx files in ms0:\F0\KD folder
7. Then copy pops.prx & popsman.prx files to ms0:\PSP\GAME\CFWEnabler\Pops
8. Run CFWEnabler.
9. Click on the option "Flash Pops Modules."
10. Then follow the succeeding instructions.
11. When Done, you can delete the files from Memory Stick
(both the EBOOT.PBP and the F0 folder as well as the files (pops.prx & popsman.prx) in the Pops folder within CFWEnabler folder.)

Warning: You are advised not to change anything to the internal memory or
Flash0 files because this could lead to a permanent/irrecoverable brick.

- Dark_AleX for the M33 modules.
- (server)
- GENyUS for his GEN-A Module (in earlier versions)
- Davee for the spoofer plugin


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